How do smart vehicles enable green public transportation?

July 4, 2022
How do smart vehicles enable green public transportation?


Smart vehicles are on the verge of breaking through to protect the global environment. The transport industry is now on the rise after taking the initiative to bring electric vehicles with more smart features and overcome challenges by reducing the battery costs, charging infrastructure, and green electricity. Many businesses are now stepping forward to adopt emerging technologies to improve the design and quality of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Read this blog further to know how smart vehicles can transform businesses by achieving green public transportation!

The world is focusing more on achieving sustainability for a better future. Transport is the major reason that’s creating more pollution and affecting the environment. Individuals, public and private sectors are now planning to act fast to enable green public transport to protect the environment. According to a study, electric vehicle revenue is expected to grow at a rate of 17.75% from 2022 to 2027, resulting in a market volume of $869.30 billion by 2027. Smart vehicles have the ability to turn traditional cities into environmentally friendly places.

Smart vehicles have more benefits to offer the public, such as improved air quality, reduced fuel consumption, cost savings for commuters, and improved air quality. Green public transportation is on the plan to develop an intelligent transport system (ITS) to improve vehicle efficiency using a range of real time data and management systems. According to a study, around 173,600 battery electric vehicles were sold in the United States in the first quarter of 2022. When compared to sales in the first quarter of 2021, this was a 76% rise year over year. Connecting SDGs and the automotive industry can be a huge step towards creating a decarbonized economy!

Climate change and the rise in extreme weather conditions are the main reasons for transforming traditional vehicles into smart vehicles for the betterment of the environment. Smart vehicles are being introduced from large cities to small towns. Green public transport is the future that involves the latest technology and business innovations to make transportation safer and more sustainable. Smart vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their safe build quality, carbon reduction goals, and technology that leverages the transportation industry.

What is a Smart Vehicle?

Vehicles are becoming more intelligent every year as technology becomes smarter and more advanced to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. Smart vehicles are a combination of sensors, controllers, and computers, which is an added technology in the transportation industry. Vehicles are now manufactured based on reducing emissions and providing smaller engines with more power. Customers will benefit from lower maintenance costs and better service in the transportation sector, which will add more value to their business growth. Tech consulting companies are investing their resources to bring this important aspect of transportation within the digital ecosystem of the consumer. Our industry experts predict that this could be a start of something revolutionary.

What is Green Transportation?

Green transportation protects the environment from negative impacts and is widely preferred by every individual for maintaining sustainability. Traditional transportation systems have increased issues such as health risks, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and environmental damage. The transportation sector is the major contributor to releasing carbon emissions and causing threats to the environment. Sustainable transportation is based on resources that do not degrade over time and benefits future generations by keeping the environment clean and safe.

Why is green transportation important?

  • Build a sustainable economy:

The public and private sectors are cooperating to establish a more sustainable economy by improving the existing transportation industry to manufacture and market green automobiles. Green public transportation will benefit the general public by providing new transportation-related jobs, reducing social-economic inequality, and lowering the usage of fossil fuels. It’s important for the public sectors to coordinate with efficient IT consulting firms to make this action-plan feasible.

  • Cost-efficient:

The public is now showing interest in green transportation modes like electric cars, electric bikes, and bicycles, which are cost-efficient and don’t affect the environment. Traditional vehicles rely mostly on fossil fuels, which are costly and also the main cause of emitting large amounts of greenhouse gasses.

  • Improved Health:

Fossil fuel energy sources such as natural gas, coal, and oil create poisonous gasses that are harmful to health. The toxic gasses have affected human health, from increasing cancer cases to cardiovascular diseases. The shift to green vehicles will not affect human health and will quickly improve the health status of countries. Many enterprise software development companies are focusing on building green hubs, and smart vehicles will be a great addition to such an ecosystem.

  • Lower pollution levels, ofcourse!

As a source of energy, current transportation relies on fossil fuels, which emit a substantial amount of greenhouse gasses that cause environmental pollution. The elimination of these pollutants from the environment would be improved by switching to green transportation, which emits little or no toxic emissions. Predictive analytics solutions for the automobile industry can nudge the industry to achieve greener goals.

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What are the various green transportation solutions for the public?

  • Alternative Fuel Technology:

Alternative fuel technology is considered the best solution for improving the transportation sector and benefiting the public without emitting carbon dioxide that affects their health. Smart vehicles and electric vehicles are the best options to achieve zero-emissions. Public transport like buses is creating more pollution, and to replace it, electric buses are being considered. Researchers are also testing natural gas to produce CNG vehicles instead of gasoline. CNG vehicles also perform better than electric vehicles, which are more accessible based on different cities.Undoubtedly, these vehicles are the future of transportation, and perfectly fit into the government’s vision of creating a sustainable future.

  • Electric Bikes & Cars:

Electric bikes and cars will benefit the public from low-cost maintenance, avoid using fossil fuels, and keep the environment safe and clean without emitting harmful gasses. Electric bikes can be used for food delivery, pick-up & drop services, etc., and electric cars for rental and instant pick-up & drop services. It’s high time for people to adopt these electric vehicles for daily use and other purposes to protect the environment and their health. Electric vehicles are in huge demand in the market, and it’s the right time to act fast and keep the country healthy. This demand is healthy, and many software development companies are providing state-of-the-art digital solutions for automobile dealers.

  • Pedestrian-Friendly Design:

Pedestrian-friendly design is one of the best solutions that can help reduce traffic congestion and avoid polluting and affecting the atmosphere. It offers transit-friendly designs for urban areas to benefit people from biking, driving, and walking. This solution will create priority lanes for riders to easily drive vehicles, so residents can walk safely to public transportation routes and transit routes every half-mile. It is a purely green transportation solution that ensures it will solve climate issues and protect human health.

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How to get started with green public transportation?

Individuals, whether drivers or passengers, can start analyzing how to reduce their carbon footprint and how soon they can act to bring change to their environment. The change begins with one person with good thoughts about attaining sustainability quickly and benefiting future generations. Innovative ideas like one-way transportation routes can reduce traffic congestion on roads and minimize the emission of greenhouse gasses using electric vehicles and smart vehicles.

The good options for transportation are cycling and walking, which are good exercise and save you money from spending on fossil fuel vehicles. If you find a green public transportation solution is the right choice, then the shift to electric and smart vehicles will start with you. Electric vehicle fuel costs will be half the price of gasoline-based vehicles. Sustainable transportation is now available with emerging technologies like AI, big data, machine learning, cloud computing, and 5G.

What technologies are present in smart vehicles?

  • Gesture Control:

Smart vehicles are now using AI and machine learning solutions for gesture controls in cars to handle audio and voice control while driving on the road. Big data analytics is used for analyzing customers’ usage and preferences of smart vehicles to produce more effective solutions with the best upgrades to gauge their attention and maintain long-term relationships.

  • AR Head-Up Display:

AR heads-up display technology is now built into smart vehicles, displaying information such as navigation, speed, and incoming calls with improved designs. By using AR apps built specifically for smart vehicles, users can place their phone on the dashboard and get navigation details reflected and displayed on the windscreen. A lot of web app development companies are adapting to such revolutionary technologies, making the overall digital experience effective.

  • Apps & Firmware Updates:

Cloud solutions are now mostly used in smart vehicles for managing apps and providing upgrades for users. A cloud computing solution provides users with local information on specific places, restaurants, and malls based on their interests. Smart vehicles with cloud solutions offer drivers the best routes to reach their destination in less time. Top app development companies are getting on this bandwagon to create practical and effective applications that solve the minute problems in commutation.

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  • Communication between vehicles:

5G technology is used by smart vehicles to have better communication capabilities to manage traffic and use less congested roads to travel. 5G solutions in smart vehicles will increase road safety by reducing collisions and accidents while traveling on the road. With 5G technology, users can benefit from a better driving experience and better understand the efficiency of their smart vehicles. Data science consulting companies are trying to create efficient models that can take decisions with lower risks. With growing technologies, autonomous smart vehicles will happen sooner than we expect!

  • Battery Management:

The smart battery management system is the central commanding unit in electric vehicles, and it is responsible for efficient energy utilization. Smart vehicles and electric vehicles are powered by IoT solutions which have sensors to update the driver about battery charge level details. IoT based battery management is implemented in smart vehicles to track the battery levels since it is critical to monitor manually. Cloud technology solutions can be particularly helpful in these scenarios. A smart vehicle will create tons of data, and a cloud platform can make the overall storage and access to such data simple.

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Wrapping Up:

Smart vehicles are the future that’s driving businesses and individuals crazy for their valuable benefits that protect the environment as well as human health. Public and private sectors are taking measures to bring the carbon emission level down by adopting green public transportation. Smart vehicles are built environmentally friendly for people to have safe driving experiences, reduce traffic congestion, avoid road accidents, and on top of that, to keep the country clean and green. The foundation of the smart vehicle is its data analytics strategy, making the vehicles more powerful and in a way, reliable. Enterprises willing to bring change to the transportation sector and benefit people in the right way can get in touch with the world’s leading digital transformation company to avail cost-effective green public transportation solutions with high-end features to stay ahead in the competition.

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